Setup Multiple Language Translations

Would you like make your website to available in multiple languages?  No problem!  Follow these instructions:

First, we must enable multi-language support on your website:

  1. First, contact us to request multi-language support.  Tell us which languages you want to include on your website.
  2. We will then enable multi-language support for the languages you requested.  We’ll email back you to confirm within 1 business day.
  3. Once multi-language support is enabled, you can proceed with entering the translations for all of your pages (refer to instructions below).

Entering translations for all of your pages

The vast majority of your website can be easily translated using the multi-language interface.  When editing any page, your food items, your blog posts, reviews, and events, you’ll see that it looks something like this:

There are multiple Title fields (one for each language).

You’ll also see multiple Tabs at the top of the body editor.  Switch to each and enter the translated version of the page.

Note:  In some cases, you may have trouble entering text into the body area (it looks like it’s blank).  If this happens, try switching on the “HTML” tab.  That should solve the issue.

Translating Other Areas Using “Quicktags”

You’ll find that there are other areas of your website that must be translated using “Quicktags”.  For example, editing the fields in Website Options (like the footer field):

Here is how Quicktags work

All within the same input box, enter all translations for this text, one after another.  Immediately before each translation, enter the Quicktag, which defines the language using the 2 letter language code:

[:en]English text…[:es]Spanish text…

You can use Quicktags in any of the following places:

  • Website Options
  • Widget Titles & content (Appearance > Widgets)
  • Navigation menu labels (Appearance > Menus)
  • Form Labels

Translating Blog Categories

To translate blog categories, simply edit those categories.

Some things cannot be translated

Due to technical limitations, there are a few details (on your public website) which cannot be translated in multiple languages.  Those are:

  • Events date and time

The back-end dashboard (only seen by you) also has limited translation support at this time.  Depending on which languages you’re using, only some areas of the back-end can be translated.