Quick Start: Publish Basic Information

When you login to your Hotel Propeller website’s WordPress dashboard, you’ll be presented with a similar page below.

Click to view full image

To get started with entering basic information about your business, proceed to the Basic Information section through either of the following:

  • On the left sidebar menu, click on Website Options; or
  • At the center of the page, click on the Do it now button under Step 2.

Now that you’re in the Website Options page, you may start entering necessary information as follows:

  • Hotel/Inn Name
  • Location – Business/Establishment Address

Note: If you’re unsure about your proper address, enter it into Google search and copy the auto-corrected address shown on the maps section.

  • Contact Info – Phone, Fax & Email
  • Photo – By default, this will appear on the homepage slideshow if the slideshow hasn’t been configured yet.
  • Twitter Handle – e.g. @YourTwitterUsername

Don’t forget to click on the Save Options button once you’re done.